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Ashland City Special Census FAQs

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Question: What is the purpose of a Special Census?


  • We believe Ashland City’s population has grown since the last federal census was conducted in 2010.
  • Starting this month through the beginning of 2018 we will be conducting a Special Census to determine the most up-to-date and accurate count of Ashland City’s population.


Question: Why is the Town conducting a Special Census? What is the benefit?


  • The State of Tennessee collects and later re-distributes shared funding to Tennessee municipalities based on their population. An increased population count means a larger distribution of state revenue for the Town of Ashland City – our true share based on our current population.
  • We believe our population has grown to over 5,000 residents, and with that, Ashland City will receive a larger distribution of state shared revenue for important city services – like improvements to roads, more city sidewalks, park projects and important funding for emergency services.


Question: What are the requirements for a Special Census?


  • The first and last names of all Ashland City residents – along with their physical address (including apartments and rental properties). This is the ONLY information required.
  • This information will only be used to establish the present population of Ashland City and will be kept strictly confidential.



Question: I live in the Town of Ashland City. How do I get counted?


  • There are multiple ways to be counted in the Special Census. It’s quick and easy!
  • There is a secure form accessible through the Town of Ashland City home page at AshlandCityTN.gov/census. This is the quickest and easiest way to participate.
  • The Town of Ashland City will send a letter to your home, apartment, or rental property including a Special Census form and pre-paid postage return envelope. Fill out the form, place in the provided pre-paid envelope and mail it back at no cost to you.
  • Residents may complete and submit the Special Census in-person at City Hall, Public Works, or the Senior Center.
  • Keep an eye out for Special Census representatives at community-wide events. You’ll have an opportunity to fill out your Special Census with them!



Question: Is it necessary to list the names of EVERY person living in my home?


  • Yes! In order for the State of Tennessee to verify the Special Census, a list of all residential addresses and the first and last names for each person residing in the home or rental property is required – this includes names of children, relatives and others living in the household.


Question: Additional questions?


  • Please Email City Hall or call (615) 792-4211, ext. 228 if you have any questions about the Special Census or want to learn how you can help.


Tell your friends and family – spread the word! Every resident counts!


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