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Rates & Fees

Planning Commission | Water & Sewer | Event Permits | Municipal Court

Planning Commission
Rezone $100.00
Site Plans $100.00
Minor Subdivisions (4 lots or less) $150.00
Major Subdivisions $250.00







Water & Sewer Rates

All Rates Are Per 1,000
Water Rates
Inside City
Water Rates
Outside City
Sewer Rates
Base Charge (Minimum Fee) $9.03 $16.94 $9.03
First Gallon to Last Gallon $5.94 $6.78 $5.94

The water and sewer rates may be adjusted each budgeting cycle to meet the operational requirements including expenses and debt service obligations.

Flat Rate Sewer-Monthly $8.00
Non-refundable Application Fee $50.00
Residential STEP Fee-Monthly $9.50
Commercial STEP fee-Monthly 10% of Combined Water and Sewer Total
Returned Check Fee Amount Allowable by State Law
Reconnection Fee (inside city) $50.00
Reconnection Fee (outside city) $75.00
After Hours Reconnection Fee (inside city) $75.00
After Hours Reconnection Fee (outside city) $100.00

Industrial rates outside of the industrial park sewer system may be charged at the rate listed above but be charged on the number of gallons of sewer versus number of gallons of water if the industrial user installs a dedicated line to the plant with an appropriate manhole for testing of the sewer and approval of the line by the Town of Ashland City.














Event Permits

Application Fees & Requirements  

>Event Permit Application

A processing fee of $25.00 (government and not for profit organizations are exempt from fee) must be submitted with application 30 days prior to event. Applicants are required to review and understand the rules and regulations outlined in City Ordinance 359 as part of the approval process.

















Municipal Court

Cash Bond Fee Schedule
Acceptable forms of payment are cash, cashier's check or money order. Debit and credit cards are also accepted and incur a processing fee. Personal checks are NOT acceptable.
Speeding Up to 14 MPH $204.25
Speeding 15-24 MPH $214.25
Speeding Over 25 MPH $223.25
Seat belt Violation 1st Offense $25.00
Seat belt Violation 2nd Offense $50.00
Insurance Violation $273.25 (Must appear in court)
City Ordinance Violations $204.25
Move Over Law $273.25
Booster Seat Requirement $204.50


Fee Schedule for City Documents

Ordinances, Public Records $0.15 per page
Accident Reports $0.15 per page
Warrants $0.15 per page
Offense Reports $0.15 per page
Fire Reports $0.15 per page
Distress Warrants $ 50.00
Blood Test (Alcohol or Drugs) $20.00
Restricted DL Application $ 15.00
Expungements $ 150.00
Certified Copy of Warrant $ 5.00
Copy of Standard Specs PWD $ 30.00
Zoning Ordinance Book $ 15.00
Subdivision Regulation Book $ 15.00
Flood Ordinance $ 15.00
Drainage Ordinance $ 15.00
Sign Ordinance $ 10.00
Fingerprint Cards $5.00 each card
Video Tapes $ 20.00 per tape
Audio Tapes $ 15.00 per tape
Pictures $ 2.00 each
Copy of Transcribed Audio Tape $2.00 per page

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